Meyers Lake was founded in 1812 and Meyers Lake Village was incorporated in 1927. According to the 2000 census, the population of the Village of Meyers Lake was 565 people. Landmarks in the Village include a 144 acre lake in a very peaceful surrounding in the central part of Stark County.

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The following website; hardeybordercollies.com  is very informative regarding humans feeding waterfowl in particular the Canada Goose.  Here is the list 10 reasons NOT to feed them:

Read this article in its entirety for the detailed explanations of these 10 reasons listed.  You will be surprised what harm we humans are causing to these creatures.  Birds have amazing survival skills....so we should not interfere.  Food quality is critical.  Because they will eat most anything does not mean what we feed them is harmless...white bread can be actually fatal to waterfowl.  Lets educate ourselves about their needs and how nature intended them to survive.


The landscaping at the rear and west side of the Village Hall continues to progress and work should soon be completed in these areas.  In addition, Council members have created a Beautification Committee to enrich the landscape around the lake by planting trees and flowers.  Both Michael Milbrandt and Joe French are heading this committee and hope to finalize plans sometime in the Spring of 2024.

2024 Goals/Planning by Council

* Pass a renewal of our road levy in the March primary election.

* Renovate the rear deck of the Village Hall. There are safety concerns with its current condition.

*Build community through informative/social events for residents.

*Partner with the Meyers Lake Sportsman's Club for a Labor Day Concert.

*Develop a Beautification Project and enhance landscaping around the Village in the Spring of 2024.


The Sheriff Department will check on your home while you are away on vacation or for those snowbirds.  Go to the Stark County Sheriff App, from the Home Screen select "More", Scroll to the very bottom and select "Vacation Check Request". OR call 330-430-3800.


Beginning in July, the Stark County Sanitary Engineers Department will be closing down portions of Parkview that intersects with North Point. Residents will have access to their residences.  A de-watering and drainage project will be completed taking approximately two months. More information will be available the closer its gets to July.

***VINTAGE POP BOTTLE CRAFT*** (See details under "Village News")

If you plan on partaking in this event please contact Karen Fier (text message preferred) at 330-495-0492.  Please RSVP no later than April 18th so I can determine how many bottles each person will get. Once I get a head count, I will post a photo of the final design.  This is limited to residents only and one craft per household.  Thank you in advanced!


The Stark County Sheriff's Office has a mobile app.  It is very informative and user friendly. You can find information on things like: Conceal Carry, Dog Warden, Employment, Submit a Tip, Sex Offenders, and much more. KEEP IN MIND THIS APP IS NOT TO BE USED FOR 9-1-1  EMERGENCIES !!!
To download on an Apple device:

Type in "Stark County Sheriff mobile app" in your browser. You will see a black box with a Sheriff badge in it next to "Stark County Sheriff".

Select the download icon

From the next screen select "GET"

Enter your Apple ID (password) and select "Install", let it download then select "OPEN".


Are you a new resident of Meyers Lake Village?  You may want to sign up for CALLFIRE-a free communication system provided by the Village.  Meyers Lake Village Council will provide residents of the Village, if interested, the emergency contact information system CALLFIRE.  This communication system  allows the Village to send messages and or texts to our residents in a quick and efficient way.  The village sends reminders and alerts regarding upcoming events, weather/snow concerns, and important announcements (ex: parking bans) and relevant Village news.  There is no cost to you to receive the messages.

What do we need  from you?  If you are interested in being added to this communication system, please provide us with your: name, address, cellphone #, (we will not be able to text a landline), preferred e-mail address and other household member(s) name(s) and cellphone number(s).  Send your information to: Mike Labriola, Mayor of Meyers Lake Village, 1600 North Park Avenue NW, Canton, Ohio 44708.  Contacts to our residents  will be limited and used only when important needs to be directed  to the residents of Meyers Lake Village.  For those who have received the Fall Newsletter you will find this CALLFIRE request form to fill out and return.