Elected Officials of the Village

Meyers Lake Government

The Village of Meyers Lake is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio. As a municipal corporation, the Village is governed by Ohio Revised Code Chapter 731. The core Government of the Village consists of an elected mayor, clerk-treasurer, and six councilpersons.

Mayor Michael M. Labriola

Clerk-Treasurer Joe Harold

Council President Justin Greenfelder

Finance/Long Range Planning


Councilman Joe French

Community Outreach


Councilman rick chievitz

Public Safety Police and Fire


Councilman michael milbrandt

Streets, Alleys, Storm Sewers


Councilwoman karen fier

Village Administrative Information Service


Councilman pepper locke

Maintenance of Village Lights & Signage


Village Hall for the Village of Meyers Lake is located at: 1600 North Park Avenue NW, Canton, Ohio 44708