All Meyers Lake property owners are reminded that anytime there is a change being made to increase the size of a building or structure or to alter the land surface on their property, a zoning permit is required. The Village has a zoning Ordinance that was enacted in 1981. This ordinance as well as all Zoning Ordinances, are designed to protect all resident's rights to ensure that neighboring property owners do not make changes that would negatively impact the community. All Zoning Ordinances including the Ordinance in Meyers lake Village establishes by law, regulations for building set backs from property lines, the amount of open space that must be maintained for each lot, the land use that can be permitted in each established area of the Village, and the procedures for requesting permits when changes are proposed. The Ordinance also establishes the legal right by the Village to impose penalties if the code is not followed.

In Meyers Lake Village, the Zoning Ordinance requires a 40 foot set back from the lake shore for all structures. Changes to docks require a permit both from Village/Meyer Lake Preserve. The Ordinance also establishes a 20 foot front yard and 25 foot rear yard set back. Fences cannot extend into the front yard nor can that front yard be used for the parking/storage of trailers including boat/camping/RVs. Each of the zoning Districts in the Village including multiple family/planned unit development/business offices/flood plain open space also have specific regulations for land use and set back requirements.

If a zoning permit is requested, certain conditions will require that the application for the permit be reviewed by the Meyers Lake Planning Commission. This group, appointed by the Mayor, serves the Village as volunteers. Currently serving: Chuck Decker, Justin Greenfelder, Mark Sterling, Michael Milbrandt and Mayor Mike Labriola.

Also currently assisting the village with zoning services is Matthew Bailey of Legacy 5 Development Co., LLC. Please contact Matthew with questions or to obtain a zoning permit application and fee schedule. Matthew can be reached at: 330-806-1401.

Zoning is an important tool for a community to protect public health/safety and promote general community welfare. We encourage to first call to request a zoning application when considering making changes that alter topography or increase location of structures. This important step will help to reduce/avoid additional costs and delays involved with your property development/renovation planning.

Village of Meyers Lake, Ohio - Zoning Ordinance.pdf